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Weather forecast by locations. Guarda, A (Pontevedra)

Capital: Guarda, A (altitude: 35 m)
Latitude41° 54' 4'' N - Longitude8° 52' 27'' W -  PositionSee location
Warning zone: Miño de Pontevedra

All of them


  • Minimum temperature (°C) Minimum temperature (°C)
  • Maximum temperature (°C) Maximum temperature (°C)


  • Wind speed in kilometers per hour Wind speed in kilometers per hour

Rainfall probability

  • Rainfall probability(%) Rainfall probability(%)
Access to observed data from nearby weather stations (Distances referred to the location capital)
There are not weather stations belonging to this location.
Weather stations next to the location:
O Rosal (Location:  Rosal, O) to 5,24 km - Altitude 55 m
Vigo (Location:  Vigo) to 38,66 km - Altitude 120 m
Weather forecasts for 8124 locations in Spain. They must be considered as the more probable tendency of the meteorological evolution for the next 7 days.

The "Hourly weather forecast" shows the hour by hour-information up to 48 hours after the moment numerical models are updated (00,06,12,and 18 UTC), while the "7-Day weather forecast" reaches the whole period.

The local time for which all instantaneous variables are predicted is the one shown in the timeline. Variables accumulated in one hour (maximum gust, precipitation and snow) are related to the next hour (for example, the precipitation at 09:00 corresponds to the accumulated precipitation between 09:00 and 10:00).

Six-hourly intervals or greater correspond to UTC times. Therefore, one hour in winter time and two in summer time have to be added for local time.

They are automatically generated by statistical treatment of data coming from weather numerical models, which may result in some differences from other weather forecasts elaborated by AEMET staff, who interprets and adjusts the model results.

The selection made by locations gives rise to an information concerning weather forecasts for the capital or main city, due to some municipalities or locations may have a wide geographical area and significant differences in altitude, therefore some weather forecast data can vary from a place to another.
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Official aplication 'El Tiempo de AEMET' (Android & iOS)
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