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Extreme values. Spain

Select the required search parameters. The multiple selection is allowed, in case of variables all of them can be selected, and a maximum of three observatories and four months.
Weather Stations:

Search results. Last update: Monday, 31 May 2021


Latitude: 40° 57' 27'' N - Longitude: 5° 39' 44'' W
Altitude: 775 m  -  Position: See location
Validity gap by variables.
Rainfall: 1970-2021  Temperature: 1970-2021  Wind: 1970-2021

Absolute maximum temperature (°C) 30.3 (08 Apr 2011)
Absolute minimum temperature (°C) -5.0 (06 Apr 1975)
Highest average temperature (°C) 15.1 (Apr 2011)
Highest maximum average temperature (°C) 22.4 (Apr 2017)
Highest monthly rainfall (l/m2 ) 96.4 (Apr 2012)
Lowest average temperature (°C) 7.8 (Apr 1998)
Lowest minimum average temperature (°C) 1.8 (Apr 1991)
Lowest monthly rainfall (l/m2 ) 4.1 (Apr 1973)
Maximum gust of wind: speed and direction (km/h) Vel 77, Dir 100 (13 Apr 1989 06:50)
Maximum number of raining days in the month 15 (Apr 1975)
Maximum number of snow days in the month 1 (Apr 1975)
Maximum number of storm days in the month 2 (Apr 1981)
Maximum rainfall in a day (l/m2 ) 24.7 (20 Apr 1997)
Valores extremos absolutos son el máximo o el mínimo absolutos de los datos de la serie de la variable climatológica del observatorio respectivo considerados desde el año 1920. Son calculados por mes o por año para un conjunto de observatorios previamente seleccionados.
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Official aplication 'El Tiempo de AEMET' (Android & iOS)
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