Knowing more

This section aims to public outreach on various topics related to meteorology, in particular on aviation, maritime and mountain information. You can also find some studies on relevant weather events and meteorological situations, our library's catalogue and digital collections, interactive games about the weather, training modules on meteorology (TEMPO modules) and online publications from AEMET. You will also find information about the results of meetings and conferences organized by AEMET, our magazine "El Observador" and ample information on the annual commemoration of the World Meteorological Day.
Knowing more

Access to AEMET's guides on meteorological information for aviation.

Informative material on marine meteorology.

Informative material on mountain and snow meteorology.

AEMET's bimonthly magazine.

Commemoration of the entry into force on March 23, 1950 of the WMO's convention.

Information on our library's collections and services.

Studies and essays on relevant weather events and meteorological situations.

Access to AEMET's online publications.

Leisure and entertainment and learning resources on meteorology.

Information about meetings and events organized by AEMET

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