The following figures for the AEMET during 2013 outline the Agency's dimensions, technological capacity and production.

Personnel: Staff of over 1,295, of whom 65% work in Territorial Meteorological Centres and 35% at the Headquarters

Annual budget: 120,120,000 €.

Computing power: Second highest institutional computing power in Spain.

Meteorological satellite data: Reception and processing of images and data from METEOSAT and GOES-East geostationary satellites and from TIROS-NOAA and METOP polar satellites

Observation network

  • 90 staffed observatories.
  • 700 automatic observation stations.
  • 7 on-land radio-sounding stations and 1 at sea, on board the "Esperanza del Mar"
  • Network of 15 weather radars with doppler capacity.
  • Network for lightning detection with 15 sensors on the Iberian peninsula and 5 on the Canary Islands.
  • Network of 4,500 rainfall and temperature/rainfall stations supervised by amateur collaborators (about 4,900). This network is undergoing partial automation, with over 140 temperature/rainfall stations already installed and 400 in the process of purchase.
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